Sales Team Solutions, LLC is a firm dedicated to helping companies improve their most precious resource, The Sales Team. After a thorough analysis of your sequential process in recruiting, training and managing your sales team we will make recommendations on where Sales Team can add value. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that it could be costing you over $67,000 for each salesperson that leaves within the first year of their hire date. Our goal is to assist you in getting a return on that investment.

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We can assist you through the recruiting and selection process using the Coaching Reports and pointing out what questions need to be explored in the second and third interviews. We will assist you in incorporating our 7 Step Process for hiring. We will also provide our expertise and interview the candidates for you.


Hiring the right employee is only one third of the job. Without the proper training and management even the greatest sales professional will stumble. Sales Team Solutions offers a wide array of training products, systems and services. After a thorough analysis of your company's current situations and future goals, we will prescribe a customized training model.


Our research uncovered that many of the clients we work with do not have the expertise or manpower to thoroughly execute the sales management process. This led us to develop our Contract Sales Management Program. We have worked on a broad range of business optimization initiatives including acquisitions, restructuring and design of financial and activity metrics.


Organizations, no matter what their business, are all facing the same challenge – finding, maximizing and retaining top performers. It’s that simple. In order to accomplish this, you must first determine the exact Attributes, Values and Behaviors a specific job uniquely demands of those who will perform it well. This is the TriMetrix System.


Sales Team Solutions, LLC was formed to help companies forge a true sales culture. The goal is to understand our clients’ unique challenges within their own organization along with their competitive landscape, and then design a plan for long term success. Sales Team Solutions, LLC is a firm dedicated to improving a company’s most precious resource,The Sales Team. We provide bundled and unbundled prescriptions for one or all of the critical points in the development of your teamRecruiting, Training, and Management.

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  • Bob, it was a wonderful day on Thursday and I learned so much. You are the best and I would recommend you to everyone.
    Ellen Kaper
    United Staffing
  • By working with your sequential process and having you work with the reps on a weekly basis in the Case Study process, we have seen an increase in our gross margin dollars in less than 90 days.
    David Hartford
    Vice President, Sales, Merry Employment
  • I can't begin to tell you how much I got out of this training session. I'm going to start implementing some of the tools and suggestions you gave us immediately into my every day sales. I really am excited about applying what I've learned, and like anything else I think it will become easier the more I do it.
    Eric Stone
  • Your ability to connect and be credible with our staff…who can smell a self-appointed “expert” from miles away….is a testament to your presentation skills and incorporation of your own experiences. 
    Jack Wellman
    President Joule Staffing

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